Westridge School Master Plan

Since the Westridge Campus is located in one of the most distinguished residential districts of Pasadena, the impact of growth and change on the neighborhood is a primary concern. The institutional issues that this masterplan addresses are the enhancement of programs and the expansion of facilities over time beginning with the upgrading of existing facilities.

The project was initiated with an analysis of the existing site and buildings, the changing political context especially with regard to the City’s new planning ordinances as well as the needs and goals of the trustees, the administration, faculty, students, parents and friends. The intentions for future development were to more firmly establish the sense of the school as a place of definitive character and as an instrument of learning. In order to ensure the viability of the proposal over time it is presented as both certain but adaptable. The plan organizes the buildings according to the daily rituals of the school and to reflect the lasting communal values of the institution and in turn the values of the culture as a whole.

Four major outdoor spaces are developed as the foci for all activities and new buildings. The entry and drop off court on axis with the proposed auditorium creates a distinct point of arrival while linking the parking to the campus. The other three are internal courts each of which is characterized by its primary surrounding buildings such as assembly activities, upper school and lower school.

Madeline Drive
Pasadena California

A Master Plan for a school of grades 4-12, including proposals for an auditorium, additional classrooms and numerous re-use and rehabilitation projects.

110,000 square feet

$16 million


The SW Group

Lindscott, Law and Greenspan