We have over 40 years of custom design work specializing in Residential, Educational and Adaptive Reuse.

Educational Facilities

Educational facilities should be open and inviting. Peter de Bretteville Architect has years of experience designing schools from the elementary to collegiate level. His designs are both practical and attractive, accommodating current students while enticing potential ones.

Design, plan and build your home with Peter de Bretteville Architect. Our residential designs are intended to accommodate the clients' floor plan and aesthetic requests for years. We'll work with you every step of the process, keeping your requests and your budget in mind.

Repurposing an area is a great way to give it new life. Peter de Bretteville Architect specializes in adaptive reuse, creating designs that rehabilitate and restore outdated or underused facilities. Call today to learn more about adaptive reuse services Connecticut.

Custom Architectural Designs

Architect located in Connecticut

Every great structure starts with a practical, budget-mindful design. At Peter de Bretteville Architect, we focus on delivering architectural designs that meet the visions and budgets of our clients. If you plan on building a structure for residential or educational use, or would like to adapt a property for reuse, call Peter de Bretteville Architect today. We take on projects across Connecticut.

For educational campus planning in Connecticut

Peter de Bretteville Architect specializes in creating detailed, 3D modeling plans for school campuses, from the elementary to collegiate levels. Our designs are intended to be functional for current students and inviting to prospective students while adhering to budget requirements. Call today to speak with a local architect about campus planning in Connecticut.

Residential architect in Connecticut

No one knows what constitutes your home like you do. If you want to put your ideas to paper, rely on Peter de Bretteville Architect. We create residential architectural designs that reflect the ideas of our clients while adhering to their budgets. Learn how you can get a beautiful, practical design for your new home by calling Peter de Bretteville Architect today.

Mission Statement

Since 1970 within various professional associations, Peter de Bretteville, Architect has provided architectural and planning services to municipal governments, universities, colleges, schools, corporate developers and individuals. Completed commissions include programming and feasibility studies, urban planning, master planning and design of college campuses, housing, municipal buildings, dormitories, restoration and rehabilitation and research. This firm has received awards for its work and established a reputation for excellence in planning and design. Rather than specialize in a particular building type, we address significant projects at all scales which demand creative proposals.

Our Experience includes a variety of building types and planning tasks carried out on behalf of individuals, developers, governments and private institutions. The work has been published throughout the world and has been further recognized by a number of awards. All work proceeds on the basis of a thorough understanding of and commitment to the detailed requirements as agreed upon in preliminary research and programming. That includes everything necessary for the activities which the building is intended to accommodate as well as the character and role it should have in relation to its surroundings or context. This addresses not only the physical setting, but also the economic, social and historical issues central to architecture.

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